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Who the he!! is HOU FUnding?


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Well I wrote my DV/ITS to Houston Funding and my scathing verification request to EQ along with calling their tactics on the report info differences... told them it would not be tolerated and I expect their willful cooperation in this and all matters I bring to their attention.

1-2 punch on day one... they better know I'm serious.

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No Dunning, and my EQ dropped from 720 to 660. Also EQ tells me the info I submitted is different than what is on my file so they can't do it online. BULLSH!T. They let me buy as many reports as I want with the same info.

They are soooo getting it.:evil::evil::evil::evil:

I've been getting the same message from EQ's dispute website also. I thought it was because I've got two disputes pending, but you're the second person that has commented on this issue. I'd love to find out what kind of response you get from them. Sometimes I get the message you're getting about how my information doesn't match. Sometimes I get to the dispute page, but where the accounts are listed to dispute, it says there was some kind of error. I figured it was some kind of IT problem.

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HOU Funding showed up on my EQ today for $654. My EQ score dropped from 727 to 663!!!

I have never received any correspondence from HOU.

In my case I know any debt has to be more than 10 years old because I declared BK in 5/1998 after a major medical situation, and no one would give me credit until the last year when all of the old stuff dropped off.

Problem is the EQ report gives ZERO information -- and they are not reporting it as a 'collection' account -- it is reported as a regular account that is more than 120 days delinquent. No account number is give, no address for HOU Funding, no date opened, and it shows DOLA as March 2006!!!

This is a joke because I didn't have a single account in March 2006 -- I couldn't get a CR from any of the CRA's -- all I had were two old medical collections on my CRA, and a couple of JDB's reporting on accounts involved in the BK.

Thanks to the help on this site I have gotten rid of all those negatives, gotten new credit and raised my FICO scores to an average of 691 as of 2/28/08 -- Now this shows up!

I have now been 'on hold' at the Equifax dispute number for more than 20 minutes to get the information to wrtie a DV letter to HOU Funding and to dispute it with EQ!!!

JDB's are the spawn of the devil!!!!!!

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This is the info I got on HOU Funding from EQ (after waiting on hold for 45 mins)

Houston Funding

2650 Fountainview, #305

Houston, TX 77057

They say my original creditor was someone called: Household Retail Services.

Never heard of them.

I am sending out my strong DV/ITS letter to Houston Funding today -- with copies to EQ. Also complaints to BBB and FTC -- what can it hurt???

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These guys are DIRRRRRTY. Same here, they put DOFD as 03/2006. I DEFINITELY did not let any accounts (didn't have any) lapse over that time frame. I hadn't had a card for years at that point.

If this doesn't go away immediately and easily I'm getting a lawyer to sue them for violations plus attorney's fees. No problem spotting the money up front.

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Maybe they bought a whole bunch of SOL accounts from another JDB and the other JDB had purchased them in 3/2006 so that is why they are using that date???

In late 2006 and early 2007 I went through a lot with various members of the Sherman companies with them reporting on SOL accounts. I eventually got them all taken off, but it took several letters.

However, I know I NEVER had an account with Household Retail Services -- although I 'ggogled' them and they issue department store accounts, so maybe it is one of my pre BK accounts. However, that stilll means it is way SOL.

Also I am a California resident and our laws are stricter than Federal -- states that a CA cannot report if they know or have reason to know that the character, amount or legal status of a debt is incorrect or incomplete. They can send a dunning letter and hope that I would pay, but they cannot pursue collection activity by reporting the debt.

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They can do account open dates that are recent, or last reported, but when they go so far as to post the wrong date of first delinquency, that's when the trouble begins. It appears as if they believe this is going to sit on my report until 2013.

They are seriously mistaken. Whatever this debt cost them is insignificant compared to what it is about to cost them. I may not let this go even if they remove it immediately. They're obviously throwing dried sh!t against the wall to see if even any of that will stick.

The BALLS on these people in these educated times!!

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The following is from the Budd Hibbs website regarding HOU Funding:

Agency Details

Houston Funding Corporation (TX Corp.)

2620 Fountainview, #305

Houston, TX 77057

Phone: 800-782-0388

or 713-783-0388

Fax: 713-978-5037

Head Debt Collectors:

Harry E. Cagle

Robert E. Cagle


Web address: http://www.houstonfunding.com/

Bud Says...

Brothers Harry & Robert Cagle have come a long way with their bottom feeder debt collection business. Their fortunes have changed since the lean days prior to getting involved in collections. Robert is certainly no stranger to debt collectors, having dealt with them personally in his failed businesses before starting Houston Funding back in 1991.

Here is an organization to be proud of. Our first encounter with a Houston Funding debt collector was on an account they admitted to being more than eight years old, yet two different collectors stated a lawsuit would be filed if not paid immediately.

We are not saying these debts are as old as Bob and Harry; however we (mistakenly) assumed when we learned that they belonged to the American Collectors Association (ACA) that their collectors had some training in the FDCPA. Apparently not! Bob and Harry must be paying wages in accordance with the prices paid for the worthless portfolios they are collecting on…next to nothing! Perhaps that means they can’t afford the ACA training courses either.

To make a bad situation even worse, they have enlisted notorious Chicago debt collector; Merchants Credit Guide to collect on these old accounts. Anyone in this industry knows that under BAD REPUTATIONS, SLEAZY, LIARS AND CON MEN in the dictionary is a description of Merchants Credit Guide.

So now we realize that Bob and Harry have what appears to be the following problems:

A) They are buying debts out of statutes.

B) Their collectors are untrained.

C) They apparently can’t afford to train them.

D) They, as a sleazy bottom feeder, are using a slimy (sleazy) group of debt collectors with a horrid reputation.

Bob and Harry… you have $UCCE$$ written all over your organization! Be proud of what you have done, you will go far!

Consumers being contacted by Houston Funding or their sleazy agents from Merchants Credit Guide are warned to stay far away from their lies and threats. Monitor your credit reports for unauthorized access or posting of accounts, be sure the dates of last activity are not being changed.

If you need assistance in dealing with these trashy debt collectors contact us for assistance and /or referral to a consumer law professional. If you suspect they are illegally abusing your credit, we can assist you with it also.

You can also check out their website -- they admit to buying charged off old debt.

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You are right -- I pulled an EQ report on 3/15 and I just checked, there are three soft pulls by Household Bank: 10/13/07, 12/07/07 & 12/14/07.

Anyboby know who 'AR-FIA CSNA' is???? they are on there from 2/12/08

Haa haa I got tagged by them too on 2/14. They are actually MBNA or now Bank of America. If you have an AR in front of the listing, it means that they are doing a periodic review. The "legend" is on the last page showing what the prefixes mean.

Intersections is for identity theft. www.intersections.com

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My call to EQ dispute worked -- HOU Funding is gone as of Tuesday, 3/25 -- and my FICO with EQ jumped from 663 to 771!!!!! Made my day!

My FICO had dropped over 60 points when HOU Funding showed up on Friday, 3/21. I was waiting to see an improvement because I had paid off two other accounts, and what do I find but HOU Funding -- such a downer.

I sent a DV letter to HOU Funding on 3/22 -- so hopefully they will not report it again.

Biggest problem is that they will probablly sell it to another JDB and I will have the problem again in 6 months!!!

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