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As my name states - just starting this fight


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OK...so my credit sucks. I was recently denied credit and pulled my 3 Bureau CR.

I found several disputable items on my CR:

1. My name was misspelled in a few variations.

2. A few addresses were not mine.

3. Almost all of the collections were medical. The interesting thing is that they are reporting twice. Once with a Hudson law Office as one CA and another named CA. They both show the same address and hence are the same company.

My questions are these:

1. Should I start with disputing the names & addresses 1st?

2. Should I wait to dispute the dual reporting until #1 is resolved or is it OK to start both fights at the same time?

Thanks for your help. The stickies are GREAT!

F'ing New Guy (EX 577, EQ 580, TU ?in the mail?)

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Welcome, effingnewguy..You may want to consider disputing older items first, the newer they are, you could possibly end up with a lawsuit or judgement. The newer items i would try and contact the original creditor or try a pay for delete/pfd. This is just my opinion

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