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Medical bill, one removed, one isn't on CA yet


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OK, so I got one removed by writing the CRAs and telling them that I wans't notified I owed this debt and when I was notified (AFTER it was sold to a CRA - is this legal?), I paid in full. The deliquent account was removed. It was my only bad mark on my credit.

Now I am faced with a 600 dollar bill and a 400 dollar bill from the same hospital. I don't have the money - I live on SSI and I have Medicaid. I was out of state visiting family and got sick and went to the emergency dept. I was told they accept my insurance, so I signed the forms. I got treated. I got a bill. I ignored it. They sold it to a CRA. I then searched the Medicaid PDF for physicians and it states, verbatim "Services rendered out of state is not covered unless it was in an emergency situation." Well, it was and I was in the emergency room. No ifs ands or butts there. I told the CRA to verify my debt (on the phone...was that a mistake, how can I fix it?), and they said, well we have proof blah blah blah, and I said "mail it." and they said okay and hung up. That was ~3 weeks ago (my phone service logs all calls, so I can prove that).

I contacted my Medicaid rep and they told me if hte hospital was unwilling to enroll in their program, I am responsible for the bill. There's no addendum stating that in the physicians guide book that I read for billing procedures.

I simply can NOT afford this debt. I will be out of college in two years and I can't afford having a delinquent account.

What are my options? I can pay half - if they'd let me pay in 50$ a month intervals. They said the only way it won't go on my credit report is if I paid in full _today_. I told them that's not possible. I need to stop this from going on my credit report. Do I have any way to win in this situation? I shouldn't be paying at all given the fact that Medicaid states that it should be covered in black in white in writing.

If this matters: I have NO assets (no car, no home, nothing expensive except a computer). I am willing to file bankruptcy if they won't remove this listing completely from my credit report (however it is filed) as bankruptcy would absolve *all* my debts, and 7 vs 10 years doesn't really bother me. It only affects me now by not qualifying for student loans. If that gives me any advantage, please let me know.

I'm in NYS, btw. The services rendered were in PA.


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