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my next ste to fight the CRA's on 7 year reporting period


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Like I have said in several posts I have tax liens that are over ten years old and several inqs that are over two years old.

I tried the nice way to have these items removed only to be told NO.

I am tired of being nice. what should I do next to get my point across that I aint playin any more.

I did the normal cmrrr dispute and got a letter tat basically says no.

I tried calling and they would not cooperate.

All my disputed did was update the info with a new reporting date.

I sent in my copies of the docket sheets from my state that say the liens were expunged. I was told the supporting docs were not good enough to warrant a deletion.

Now, the liens, I have talked with the supervisor at the collections office at my state tax office and she verified that i have no active tax warrants against me.

They have either been expunged or released.

I forgot to report state sales tax info on my summer business.That has all been taken care of now.

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Why do you want to lose sleep over inquiries that are over two years old?

They have absolutely no negative impact on your credit score and no creditor cares about them. Don't worry, they will eventually fall off. It doesn't hurt your credit score any.

Next, just what do you mean by tax liens?

Are they unpaid???

Now what did you actually say in your letters to the CRAs about your tax liens?

I have had all three CRAs delete my "paid" tax lien. It took a lot of effort and I had to continually repeat my requests, but they investigated each dispute and I eventually got them removed. So send us a snippet of what you wrote.

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The liens were expunged by the state and I have the copy of the docket sheet that says so. I have the letters from the state saying the liens were recalled and I have no outstanding liens. The liens are from 96 and 97.

I told them this and sent copies of all paper work to the CRA's.

My response was this is not enough proof to warrant a deletion fro your CR.

I told the CRA's that they past the reporting period also

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Unless there is something more to it, you sound like you got an open and shut case.

The big drawback is that the CRAs do NOT go around to every country courthouse and pull out everybody's public records. A different outfit does that and then they sell them to the CRAs.

When the CRAs investigated my disputes, they had to exercise their right for an extension of the dispute time so they could go to this third party and have them examine my paid state lien.

As from what you are describing, the CRA is not even going to that length and they are telling you to go pound sand. Is that correct?

Next, you need to go to your county courthouse (maybe it is online) and get a copy of what is in there about you. Everybody who has public records needs to do that so they can examine what is really in there. There may be something in there that is preventing this investigation from being conducted properly. If not, you still need to see what is on your file about you.

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I have been fighting off and on with the CRA's about this since 2001 but ten i was activated several times for Iraq.

I went to th court house and got copies of the paper work on the liens the paper work says that the liens were expunged.

I got a letter from my state tax office that says I have no outstanding liens.

They show the liens as released on my CR, even if they were released they are 12 years old and past the 7 year period. They told me in so many words to fo flip sand, they aint taking them off.

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