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Intent to Sue letter if not removed from CR?


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I have account (credit card) on my credit report that I never received a credit card for, it's for "First National Card". I contacted them 2 weeks ago to tell them it is not my account and to remove it from my account. On the phone she agreed, gave me her name. Well the letter I received today states the following:

Dear XXXX,

Thank you for contacting us regarding your First National Credit Card account. This letter is in response to the request to close your account.

We have processed your request to close the above referenced account. If there is a balance remaining on the account, you will continue to recieve monthly billing statements until it is paid in full. Please destory all cards bearing this account number, as any creidt authorizations will no longer be honored.

We have appreciated the opportunity to serve your credit card needs and regret you have decided to close this account. If we may provide further assistance, please contact Card Services at 1-888-883-9824.

Thank you,

Card Services.


I would like to send an intent to Sue letter because I called them today when I received the letter (along with pulling my credit report and it still showing on there) I told them that they promised a letter of removal etc, she "Jamie" said it takes 90 days to remove. I told her according to the law she is incorrect, and that I would just have my lawyer take care of it. She said "do as you please".

So please tell me there is a letter I can send them threatening to sue if they do not remove within 5 days? I thought I saw one, but searched and could not find it.

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You are a LONG way from threatening a lawsuit.

It DOES take time for things to change on a credit report and two weeks is nothing - 90 days may be a bit much but you absolutely have to give them some time to comply and it sounds as if they are at least trying to work with you...if you go into court guns blazing at this piont you may well wind up in a place you do not want to be!

Further, you NEVER threaten to sue unless you REALLY are going to sue them and before you do that you had better have a boat-load of evidence ready and maybe even the paper work already filled out.

I realize this is a microwave society today but you are dealing with financial and legal issues here - they operate a LOT more like a crock-pot.

Relax and follow the process - if this really isn't your account/you never actually got or utilized the card then you will win in the end.

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Thank you, I'll give it some time. I am new at this and really wanting to get my credit straightened up. I appreciate your help.

If this is not your account then you may be a victim of Identity Theft. Follow the steps in this sticky:


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