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2 collection agencys on 1 account at same time?


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around mid february i recieved a dunning letter from palisades about an old alltel account.

It popped on my credit report and i dv'd them slightly after the 30 days.

I disputed and it was removed. I also filed a fraud report.

Ok so cool palisades is gone... well a week ago i get a letter from LDG financial dated feb 11 saying the above creditor has placed the account with them. The creditor is palisades collection.

So ok o figure now they passed it off to them so i dv them.

today i get a letter dated the 14th 3 days after the letter from LDG from palisades saying they put my account in a 30 day dispute status and will stop collections. And they are asking for a police report???

WTF Do i have to send palisades anything? I dont want them back on my report!

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Depending on how old the alltell account is...its possible that Palisades actually bought the account...which makes them actually a junk debt buyer...which means LDG is a collector working for them.

And...no...you don't have to send them anything. Your right to dispute doesn't mean that you're claiming fraud.

And...which report are you checking...its possible its on one but not another.

And...as longs as its marked "in dispute"...it can stay.

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Perhaps the most telling line from hummer931 is---WTF Do i have to send palisades anything? I dont want them back on my report!

Sort of a bingo. You don't want to pay palisades and you don't want them on your report.

Palisades has a different viewpoint. They want you to pay them money and they want to remain on your credit report if you pay or not.

Willingtocope is right, you do not and should not give palisades any fraud information, its a rather transparent ploy asking you to supply some debt validation they likely do not have and can not get. But if you look at the FDCPA act section 809, what they must supply you to call it debt validation is almost nothing.

What they must supply to a court to collect by a judgment if you contest is a far higher hill to climb. And if its old enough, your state statute of repose may have already tolled already.

So failing you paying or palesades deciding not to sue in court, the only payment inducement palesades has may be that listing on your credit report. And palesades will be reluctant to give their last stronghold up. And in their own way, is sending you a message, push us and we will push right back. What they are doing is somewhat unfair but legally probably nothing you can sue them on.

But until the Federal credit reporting SOL expires, you can expect to be reminded on occasion that they have things they WANT.

And most likely neither you are palesades will get all of what they want.

And if you want them off, you have to more than want, you have to figure out a way to force them off.

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Ok i have cleared this up. The Palisades have purchased this debit. They were listed as debit purchaser on my CR.

But at this point here is a run down

1- Palisades has stopped reporting after i debit validated.

2- Palisades hired LDG to collect for them

3-DV LDG and they have sent me a letter saying they closed the account and returned to palisades

4-last week palisades said because i did fraud report they put a 30 day stop on the reporting.

so as of now i have no reporting from this account. I assumed that palisades stopped reporting because i Dv'd them and they obviously cant supply any documentation. My DV was about 1 week past being timely unfortunately but i figured they wouldent catch that.

So do i just play sit and wait and see if it shows back up? Or send Palisades a letter saying that i know they cant validate and if it shows back up on my CR we will have a problem.

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My experience with Palisades is that once I sent them a DV, they stopped contacting me at all. And, they never answered my DV. On one account it has been over two years since I heard anything and on the other account, it has been over one year. I have decided to not rock the boat. I am waiting for the SOL to expire.

I think the DV stops them in their tracks. Since they can't validate, they know they can't win in court. So they move on to someone less knowledgable. My two accounts total over $26,000 so they are worth going after.

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Oh i should mention in this timeframs palisades sold it to omni credit and i dv'd them and reported to ftc and attorney general when they ignored my DV and persued collection activity anyway.

It is gone. However palisades popped back on. With nothing informing me of tihs from the CRA or palisades..

AND they JUST verified a dispute with transuion...

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Much Fun!! Now you can tell them they have broken Federal law. Sent an intent to sue letter to Palisades that they are guilty of deliberate continued collection activity after reciept of a DV. Twice in essense. Always DV the JDB and ignore the minion CA's collecting for them. You did the right thing, now remind them in a cmrr letter to them with a cc to their state attorney General listed on the same letter. Watch em scurry!!! Remeber to include a copy of your original DV and one to their hired gun goon CA you DV'd afterward. xangelx

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