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Got FICOS Today


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:oops: Experian is my highest. :shock:

You are fortunate. They've been a nightmare to me, the hardest to rmove anything and when a negative gets removed, even a new negative, the score only goes up a teeny bit. For example, I had the same 4 collectios on TU and EX. I got all four off both. TU went up almost 80 points, EX only went up 28. I still have one collection on TU, but none on EX.

I think my biggest problem on EX is 5 old incorrect TLs. I've tried disputing them on numerous occasions, EX won't remove. TU and EQ had some of them and ultimately removed them due to lack of verification. It begs the question as to how EX is verifying them. All of these TLs are due to go away in the next 2-6 months, so I'm just letting them age off. I might send EX a letter saying they're obsolete when it gets closer to the drop-off time.

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