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Rec'd Validation, debt not mine, not on cr yet - what to do?

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Hey All,

I'm not exactly sure what I am supposed to do next...

1/22/08 rec'd a Collection ltr from NCO 'Your acct has been purchased by MedClr, INC. NCO is the servicer of this account' . I dv'ed NCO, letting them know that this could not possibly be mine, as I've NEVER used ANY emergency services.

3/8/08 rec'd their form of validation: The name is my 'nickname', dob yr is incorrect, so is phone number. Service date is 7/18/03. Creditor is NY Fire Dept. So I guess it must be an ambulance ride, since they have a mileage charge?

This isn't my charge. I suspect a tenant of mine may have used my name in ambulance. The nickname is the only name they know me by, and dob is 5 yrs off, so only plausible conclusion I could come to...

I would like to fight/dispute this to the fullest. It has not appeared on any credit reports (yet), but I'd like to squash it before it gets there. I've just started to build credit (6 mths), and I'd like to have it left unblemished.

The SOL for NY is 6 yrs, so I'm 1.5 yrs away. What would you advise my next step be? I don't mind going to court.

Thanks in advance...

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