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Orchard bank credit limits

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I got a question for whoever has an account with orchard bank. ( credit card). I received a preapproved offer in the mail for a MC Plaituim card with interest rate of 12.9 %. But it didn't give me a credit line. I think that they pull EX. CR and my score is 648. Do yall have any idea what the credit limit would be. Thanks in advance


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Orchard Bank is notoriously known for giving folks low starting credit limits no matter what the score. $300 seems to be about the magic number.

I've had their card for 3 years and always keep low utilization, made every payment on time. Just recently I got a $200 increase by finally speaking with a supervisor and threatning to cancel the card.

Good luck to you.

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Orchard was the first card I got after my credit mess (mild word) began. I guess it has helped the rebuild process, but very frankly, nothing is better for the looks of the report and score than hard repair work.

Orchard's fees are outrageous and they have never increased the $300 CLI. People around here complain about First Premier and laugh 'cause I'm kind of defensive for them - but they gave me two cards in two year's time and have steadily increased the CLIs on both of them. Yes, they have fees too but before I qualified for some of the "fair credit" and prime cards, I felt that was the price I paid.

Recently, I made a big pitch to Orchard (via a supervisor on the phone) for a CLI. I've been with them for FOUR years with NO late payments and always making nearly full payments. I've made a point of using the card every month.

They did a hard EXP pull and then denied me, claiming over the phone:

1. I'd burned them with a chargeoff (12 years ago on a GM Card - I asked IS THIS FOREVER??!! And was told 15 years).

2. I already had too many HSBC products (Orchard is all I've got and supposedly you can have three)

Then I received the letter of denial which didn't mention either of these factors and stated that I was denied because they were unable to reach me to verify my identity. HELLO, THIS ALL TOOK PLACE OVER THE PHONE and no one said "we need to call you back to verify your identity, etc. etc." and since I am already an account holder, they should have no trouble finding me. And I received no calls from them.

So all of this mess was a big scam, IMO and I'm left with a hard pull on EXP, when supposedly the reasons for denial were all based on internal information - NOT anything on my credit report. I will be firing Orchard and HSBC ASAP when some of my new prime and middle-of-the-road cards start to age. Their $300 CL isn't worth the hassle and attempted humiliation.

Sorry for the rant!!!!!!

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