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Fan Distributing and Elite Recovery JDB???


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After I posted that, I found this on Elite....

Head Collectors:

Paul Niedzialowski, Owner aka/Paul New

Ann Marie Niedzialowski, Vice President

Richard Corica, Vice President

Paul Fron, Partner

Bud Says...

This organization of bottom-feeders and vultures is not associated with the notorious Mackinnon Brothers, (Doug & Greg) owners of Lenahan/Giove Law Offices. Paul Niedzelowski and Doug Mackinnon used to paint houses together in the Buffalo, NY area, years ago and Doug once used Niedzelowski as a front for collecting on his bogus debt portfolios.

One sleazy law firm who is handling their dirty work is Hosto & Buchan out of Little Rock, Arkansas with a reputation for not being the brightest lawyers in the courthouse and fails to show for a LOT of suits they file.

It does not take brain surgery to defeat these brain-dead debt collectors and their so called attorneys; you are already smarter than them for finding this site. The have what is known in this industry as a “deficiency” which is an inability or failure to be able to LEGALLY validate the trash they are collecting on.

A check of records shows that Elite Recovery Services has not complied with state licensing and bonding requirements as required by law. That is no surprise because any operation associated with the MacKinnon’s appear to take the attitude that the law governing debt collections don’t apply to them.

Anyone receiving information concerning Elite, Hosto & Buchan are urged to contact me for assistance. There is a way to deal with these bottom-feeders and make them go away.

There is nothing to be gained in giving Elite Recovery Services your money, you may not even legally owe on debts they are collecting.


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