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Capital One Question

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I sent Cap 1 a verification letter . They responded with 3 computer generated statements . A letter demanding payment too . The statements were not originals , my name is not correct on the statements , they said i signed up for the card over the phone or internet . That is not true according to my EQ CR this account was opened in 1998 . I didnt have a computer then . The phony statements are allegedly from 2003 , they dont have anything with my signature or SS # on it the letter said so . I cant remember if I was using that po box in 2003 . Anyone have an idea on what I do next ?

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If this is identity theft, then you need to file a police report and send a copy to the creditor.

If you know this is your debt and are looking for an angle to avoid payment, Cap One is probably the most hard-headed and tenacious creditors that ever was.

My guess is that you will have to resolve this in court when you are sued. Perhaps through discovery you will find the ultimate truth of the matter.

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I received the letter from the second Cap 1 account I requested verification on Today . They must think I am stupid !!!!! The first letter wes sent from Salt Lake City UT this one was sent from Richmond VA . The request were sent to the same address and signed for by the same person . This one states thay can not find the account based on the information I sent them . They want me to fill out an information form so they can assist me with finding the account . YEAH RIGHT 8-) I double checked the account number on my request and it is the same as the one on my CR . They allegedly found the other account with the information I sent . to find this account they need the following :

1. Address on file with Cap 1 (on the request )

2. 16 Digit account number (on the request)

3. My SS # (Not happening)

4. My DOB (Not happening)

A blind man could see this one coming . My guess is both of these accounts would magically sprout my SS number and DOB if I were stupid enough to fill this out and send it in . I dont think these accounts are mine and I have already seen that Capital One has to ability to make fake documents .

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