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Being Sued

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Any and all help is greatly appreciated. I am being sued by an attorney on a complaint of failure to pay medical debt.

I am going to answer the complaint at the courthouse tomorrow, and mail a copy to the attorney for plaintiff.

1.Who is suing you? Parkway Medical CenteAttorney for plaintiff

2. For how much? 3070.16

3, Who is the original creditor? Parkway Medical Center

4.How do you know you are being sued? Served summons 7 days ago

5How were you served? summons

6There has been No correspondence with the people suing me.

7. I live in Mobile, Al

8.I have never paid on this acount.

9.Status of account: Has been transferred to Mobile County after it was

filed in Morgan County. A default judgement was granted in Morgan County, then by order of court was set aside as entered in error. The complaint/ summons is for the district court of Morgan County. I am going to answer in Mobile County to make sure rights are preserved (tomorrow)

10. I have never disputed the account. I haven"t checked my credit report for a while.

11. I have not spoken to any of these people, nor have I received any correspondence from them. No DV requested.

12. Summons requires a response. Must be done immediately.

13. The only evidence I have received is Application, Affidavit, and Entry of Default. The affiant swore I was served on 01/23/08 (Not true

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