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NFCU credit card increase???

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I bit the bullet yesterday and applied for an increase on my NFCU credit card. I did it online. I haven't heard anything yet and there is no way to check the status on their website.

How long does it normally take and is there a way to check the status? I've had the card for over 8 months and utilization is about 50%.

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Just call and find out. 50% on the card huh? Good luck. :p

I'm going to have to call and check. There isn't anything showing under other services.

It was worth a try at the 50% limit. I've had the card for several months and always made good payments. I've been with NFCU for over 15 years and had about a dozen loans with them through the years and never had any lates. So it's worth a shot.

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