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Equifax/CSC adding comments....question

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Whenever I dispute something with CSC (Equifax) they themselves add a little comment that "Consumer disputes, reinvestigation in progress."

Doesn't this interfere with my possibly nailing the CA for NOT adding the "dispute" reference??

Not sure what to do about this....

And while I am on this subject....

Once an account is disputed, how long does the "dispute" comment have to stay on the report?

Some of the accounts that I disputed (with both positive results and no change) from a couple of years ago still have that "dispute" comment on them and on others it is gone. Does it even matter?

The reason I'm wondering is I'm thinking that if it is supposed to stay indefinitely than I may have a case for some of those accounts in which I did not get the results I was looking for when I disputed and in which the comment is no longer there.

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