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One Down Seven To Go


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If you have read my following post I included everything on my Experian credit report. This morning I reviewed it online and 1 Medical bill came back verified to be more specific....

NCO-Medclr Origional Creditor Lincoln Emergency Group LLC

$514 - Status Verified as of March 2008

The one good thing is that Allied Interstate INC Origional Creditor DirectTV has been completely removed this debt was in the amount of $617

I done this online before I knew this form so yes I know I made the paper-trail mistake; however, I do have the report from day one and I reprint it every time something changes therefore They can't slip by and just "replace" the item back on my credit report without giving me my 5 days written notice.

So all in all 1 item down 7 to go!!!!!xdancex

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