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Mega Post Whores


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You people are weird. Not that there's anything wrong with that- but still. On an unrelated note, i got a new phone over the weekend... And i figured out how to visit CIC on it... So yeah... Take a lesson from a true post whore y'all. I'm mobile whoring now baby!

HA! You lucky SOB! :) I just have a laptop at work, and I think I'm cool b/c I can always get on the website.

Good to see ya around again, Amerikaner. Feels like I haven't read any new posts from ya, but it is the holidays! Have a great Christmas and a sweet New Year!

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Lol esquire... I don't spend as much time feeding this particular addiction as i used to... Plus with workin 2 jobs, planning a wedding and a honeymoon, and also prepping for a new puppy in january... I'm sure you know the rest ;)

That does sound a little crazy, man, but whatever works. But congrats on getting hitched, and new puppy is always a great time! Potty training time! :)

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