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Mega Post Whores


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Thanks now I'll have that stuck in my head for the next week!!!

Hey! Don't blame me! I just wrote the second verse...

sosw deserves ALL the credit for this song.

Unless, of course, "American Whore" becomes a hit and "The Internet is for Whores" becomes the most downloaded song by our fans... Then I OWN IT SUCKA!!! PAY ME MY ROYALTIES!!!!!

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is that the cone wehre Canada went on strike? Didn't see it but one of my coworkers did - he like it. Can I see it online?

No, it's the one afterwards. It was too funny. The one you're talking about is the YouTube superstars episode with Chocolate Rain, Tron Guy, Numa Numa, etc. lol. Here is the link where you can watch it. It's called "The Internet Will be Waiting".


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