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PM123 not working right.

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PM123 is acting up. Has been for a few weeks now.

Dates on your report are wrongAnd they change when you log off and back on.

The "More about this account" link just opens another window that is your whole report instead of giving you the "Details about this account" window.

Calling them is a waist of time, they act as if nothing is wrong.

Thought I would start a thread for those who use PM123 so we could share updated info.

Anybody having better luck or uptodate info?

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I use privacy matters as well, and for the past week or two, here is what I have had to do: Everytime I request my new credit reports, I wait until the new reports appear on my screen--the problem is, they aren't the new ones at all, but the same reports as prior to my new request. At this point, I log off, and then log back on again. I know this is a drag, but it's what must be done. Once I am logged back on, the new report does appear without making an additional request.

I am annoyed that the other links no longer work, as was pointed out. I hope all this gets corrected soon.

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Yea, I noticed the same thing. But I don't really trust the data. My scores on PM123 haven't moved 1 point since all this started. A new inqry showed up and all my credit alerts are gone but, other than that, no changes.

They put me thru to a Tech guy last week. He logged into my account when I was logged in and said: "Yea, there's some kind of problem on our end...".

Tell me something I don't know.

They don't seem to be in any hurry to fix it.

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Yeah we already have been talking about this problem in this thread here..


I don't think they have plans on fixing it any time soon so some of us have moved on to another monitoring site.

Yea, I'm there isislc, thanks. But I thought a thread just for PM123 users might be worthwhile...

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