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he's trying to fly...finally fly. Kiwis are flightless birds, so he does all this stuff so he can actually fly.

Ok, you're both weird. ;)

He reminded me of a featherless chicken. Then pulls a hammer out of his butt since he couldn't carry it anywhere else. How much weirder can you get? :D

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OK don't apply logic to it, hon.

You also can't nail a tree sideways to a cliff in real life either.....it's just animation. :p

Oh! I get it now! :oops: So he nails all those trees to the side of the cliff and jumps off....giving himself the illusion that he's flying over the treetops.

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Maybe I'm too analytical. :cool:

The way I interpreted was that the Kiwi allowed himself to die for the sake of giving himself ONE chance to really feel like he was flying! :( When I saw the tear that's when I understood what the video was all about. Am I just too mushy here?


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no...you both are 100% right. I misssed the tear the first time I watched it...then I watched it again and then I saw it, and then I understood.

He finally wants to be able to fly...to feel like all the other birds must be able to feel....to have wings.....indeed "wings" do pop out when he's halfway down.

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