Experian Loses!

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8-)This case illustrates how important it is for Experian, a company that traffics in the reputations of ordinary people, to train its employees to understand the legal significance of the documents they rely on. See generally Rudy Kleysteuber, Note, Tenant Screening Thirty Years Later: A Statutory Proposal To Protect Public Records, 116 Yale L.J. 1344, 1356-64 (2007). Because Experian negligently failed to conduct a reasonable reinvestigation, we grant summary judgment to Dennis on this claim. We remand only so that the district court may calculate damages and award attorney’s fees. As to all other claims under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, we reverse summary judgment for Experian and remand for trial. Dennis is also entitled to attorney’s fees for an entirely successful appeal. 15 U.S.C. § 1681o(a)(2). We refer the case to the Appellate Commissioner for determination of the amount of fees.

Dennis v. BEH-1, LLC, 2007 WL 2769650 (9th Cir. Sept. 25, 2007)

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This also brought out the also elusive name of the company that reports Public Records Information: i.e. judgments, BK, Tax Liens etc.

Hogan Information Services aka LexisNexis....

See page 5 of the court brief...

Experian commissioned Hogan Information Services, a

third-party public records vendor, to verify the disputed information.

Hogan reported that the information Experian had

was accurate and sent Experian a copy of the written stipulation

between Dennis and his landlord, presumably as support

for this conclusion. Experian thereupon advised Dennis that it

would not amend the report.

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