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Mecanics? P0404 on a 2005 Chrysler T&C?

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So, the check engine light came on. Its a 2005 Chrysler Town and Country. I did the turn the ignitiion switch On-Accessory-on--and so on trick, and got a 'P0404 Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Open Position Performance " error code.

Since I'm a "if its not on fire, and the wheels are still attached, I'll just ignore it" kind of guy, I'm inclined to ignore it. Anyone have any advice to the contrary?

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sounds to me like it's your gas cap not being 10000% sealed. I know my coworker's PT cruiser does that occasionally...have any moisture lately? Try taking th gas cap off, then making sure the seal is nice and no moisture, then put it back on nice and tight. Might take a few cycles of turning the car on and off...but it might clear it up.

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sounds to me like it's your gas cap not being 10000% sealed.

My Taurus does that every once in a while and it drives me nuts. :evil:

If it's not that, I'll bet the EGR valve needs replacing (some clog pretty easy), but it's an easy fix for the weekend mechanic.

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According to Mitchell OnDemand:

P0404 – EGR Position Sensor Performance

Problem: The EGR flow or valve movement is not what it is expected.

Possible Causes

Good Trip Equal to Zero

High Resistance in 5 Volt Supply

EGR Solenoid Control Circuit

Intermittent Condition

EGR Sensor Signal Circuit Open

EGR Sensor Signal Circuit Shorted to Ground

Sensor Ground Circuit Open

EGR Assembly (Ground)


There are about 10 diagnostic steps requiring some specialized equipment, so this is probably best handled by a properly trained technician.

Best guess, without seeing the vehicle, is that the EGR may have some carbon buildup restricting the flow and telling the onboard computer the values it expects to see are not correct.

I just saw essentially the same thing on my 89 Probe. The NOx levels were high during the smog test and the Check Engine Light was coming on intermittently. I removed the EGR during an oil change because it make getting to the oil filter easier and found it was full of carbon. Cleaned it out and the Check Engine Light went away.

Not a life or death issue unless you need a smog check, in which case it may fail for high NOx levels.


Matt AKA Smogtek

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I love it when a plan comes together.

My ignoring it fixed it.

The light went out.

Now that I think about it, my 97 GrandAm did the same thing awhile back...check engine light came on...it went out after about a week or 2 of normal use....friend and former GM mechanic told me to ignore it...nothing leaking, compression OK. It went out.

Maybe it's a quirk associated with those wonderful American automobiles?

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p0404 is common on the 3.3/3.8 engine. Ignoring it you can do. but it does effect the efficantcy of the engine (IE fuel economy) in a negitive way.

Fix is always to replace the EGR valve. it's a DIY thing. However, some emission parts have a longer warnanty 6/60 or 8/80 might wana call chrysler before you pass the 60K mark. it might just get fixed for free.

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