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If you don't wanna see my wedding dress, DON'T click this thread!! :)

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Thanks! I'm freaking excited about it...it's not poofy and it's comfy (a lot of wedding gowns HURT, from what I hear?! WTF??), so it's perfect for me. Plus, I spent less than $100 on it. LOL

And, btw....

:lol:Please...he helped me pick the dress out. We're not worrying about him not seeing me in the dress - and he'll be seeing me the day of the wedding, too. He's not carrying me over the threshold either. :roll:

I think if the marriage is cosmically doomed, it's for way more than just a stupid superstition. :lol:

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Please... He's not carrying me over the threshold either.


No, YOU "please."

If he has half a brain, he will surprise you when he DOES carry you across the threshold...and if you have half a brain - and I know that you do (*snort*), you WILL like it!


PS - what is this thing with girls and shoes. I don't get it. xheadscratchx And I guess you realize that you're nearly barefoot... :|

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The Romans would carry the bride over the threshold so that she did not trip on her way into her new home. The bride tripping was considered bad luck and could lead to a poor marriage. They believed demons waited by the doorway to trip the bride so the new husband would carry his bride in to protect her from them.

Yes....this sounds like something that needs to be done at our house. :cool:

Hell, he'd be carrying IN the demon. Or, at least, the heathen.


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