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Eighteen Year Old Bad Check form Ohio!!!

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Hello, all!

Every now and then, I'll get a phone call or a dunning letter from some CA collecting for an account that isn't mine - as I've mentioned in some of my posts, I have a somewhat unique last name any my theory has always been that because of that, CAs seem to zero in on me…I don't know if it's deliberate (assuming that if I'm not the person they are really looking for I'll know the right one because they assume I will be related to them) of if it's just a result of the computerized age we live in and the incompetence of most CAs.

At any rate, I have a situation here that goes a bit beyond the ordinary and would like some input on how best to address it.

A few days ago, I had a very generic message on my voice mail asking me to call and I did…the idiot (and I'm being generous only calling him that) initially identified himself as being "with the Ohio Attorney General's office collecting for a "bad check". When I asked point blank if he was an employee of the Ohio AG this fellow finally admitted he worked for a collection agency. I asked if there were someone there with a brain I could speak with…he hung up while I was still laughing at him.

I called back a few moments later and actually got someone who did seem to have at least some neurons firing and she told me this was a dishonored check written to "Columbus State University" in 1989. I asked for information such as check number, account number, the bank drawn on, the issuer's name and address imprinted on the check, etc and she said she didn't have either the check or a copy of the check with her. She also didn't have the amount the check was written for but they are asking for about $350.

She said if I didn't pay up or make arrangements to pay immediately they would pursue legal action. I couldn't help but chuckle as I asked her what "legal action" she intended to take on an 18 year old alleged bad check…she hung up.

This past Saturday and I received their initial dunning letter.

Here is some background…

I grew up in Ohio; left in '73 while I was in the Navy, came back to Ohio in '81 and pursued two bachelor degrees (graduated in '85 and '86)…pursued an MBA starting in late '86…moved to Tennessee from Ohio in late '96.

I never attended Columbus State (it only awards Associate Degrees) nor in fact have I ever been on the campus of Columbus State - I am about as sure as a person can be that I've never written a check to them either "good" or "bad".

I believe SOL in Ohio is 15 years/6 years in Tennessee so unless they tried to say that my move to Tennessee tolled the SOL in Ohio I don't see this as a real problem.

What I'm trying to decide at this point is whether to start the DV process or simply tell them what to go do with themselves.

I see an advantage with the DV because if they respond and actually give me some worthwhile information, they may provide me with exactly the information I need to prove this is not my debt…on the other hand, it may be a bit of time/effort on my part for zero reward.

So…my question is what would you do and why?

Let me know!

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