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Sounds a lot like a napoleon, which is pretty yummy!


Ingredients - 3/4 oz orange liqueur (cointreau, grand marnier...- 1 oz filtered orange juice- 3 1/4 oz champagne

Switching the pineapple juice (in ops recipe) out for brandy is yummy too.

And champange and chambord is good. Equal parts.

Last cocktail party we had, we served a drink called champagne cornucopia

Ingredients - 1 oz vodka- 3/4 oz peach schnapp- 1 oz champagne- 2 scoops rainbow sherbert- 1 oz cranberry juice

We quite adding cranberry juice and liked it better...

(You need to blend everything except the champagne, then pour blended ingredients into glass and top with the champagne.)

We also always serve some version of a wine "cooler"

One of the favorites is 3 parts lemonaide to 1 part red wine.

Or porto and brandy is good too!

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Did they stop producing Yellowtail Reserve Pino Grigio, or is it just hard to find now? That was the best cheap-yet-drinkable Pino out there IMHO.

Have you tried this brand?

HRM Rex Goliath California Pinot Grigio 2008

It's similar in price and I like it better than Yellowtail. :)

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I like sweet wine, the tannins give me a headache.  But recently had a glass of Meyer Vineyards Napa Valley Cabernet 2007 harvest.  The smoothest red with a velvety feel in the mouth.  Unfortunately, I live in a closed state and have to drive to NY or NJ to find it.  Highly recommend!

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