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NCO Not Popular with the CRBs


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It has become my distinct impression that NCO is pretty much loathed by the Big 3. With little fanfare or ado, their account has been summarily deleted from each bureau's file after I requested a D/V...either that, or they failed to reply to their requests for D/V.

One other thing I've found to be really helpful is to be respectful, courteous and friendly to any person you're speaking with from the CRBs. That doesn't mean be a doormat, it means, don't be confrontational, argumentative, condescending and most of all, don't take an initial "verification" personally. That happened with MCM. They verified a $276 CA account on my report. When I called EQ and asked for MOV, they informed me that they verified with the CA. I informed the woman, nicely, that I had spoken with the original creditor listed on MCM's account and they could not find the account in question. I requested a reinvestigation with D/V from the OC, not CA. She said she would be happy to do that. I expect that will be deleted within the next 30 days.

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