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Amex Blue Card Blues

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Boasting a FICO aggregate of 680, a pre approval for a small mortgage, I confidently submitted an application for an Amex blue for students. I was denied because of the Amex Proprietary Acquisistion Risk Scoring determined my score. " exceeded our thresold for approval" ie

High utilization of credit lines

Too many new accounts

number and type of inquiries

Now here is the clencher .....The credit lines, new accounts, and inquires are ALL related to STUDENT LOANS. I am a return adult student , with a decent salary, no derogs.. You would think a student CC would be sympathetic to a inquires, new accounts, and the like that are related to student loans..

Any thoughts ? Should i ask to be reconsidered?

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I always think a well written GW letter will get you what you want. Check this information and see if it's still good contact information by searching google or wiki.

American Express Co.

Kenneth I. Chenault

Chairman and CEO

World Financial Center

200 Vesey St.

New York, NY 10285

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