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Woohoo! Got rid of Oxford!!!!


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Just figured I would boast! I just managed to get rid of Oxford from my CSC report. I had DV'd them twice with no response. Attempted the 1-2 punch and they (apparently) never responded to CSC. Today, the 30th day, they fell off CSC! I am so excited I feel like I'm going to burst! Got a 25 point gain (FAKO). Now, it's on to Experian. I should have disputed both CSC and Experian at the same time, however, knowing what ba$tards Experian can be, I decided to rack up a bunch of violations on Oxford prior to diputing with Experian. Had I known they weren't going to respond I would have just done it in the first place!!

Now I just hope they don't reappear!!

(NO collections on CSC now!!!)

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