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Game plan here, your opinions appreciated!


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I have received quite a few (well....more than a few) 30 day window period letters from CA's. Many of which I did not respond to in time due to a new address I currently live at. I only pick up my mail there about twice a month.

My game plan:

Write creditors letters (small debts) with new address and DV requests although many of them will be months late(just found out about DV's).

Work out payment plan for biggest debts (car repossesion and credit line) with deletion request upon agreed payment via mail.

I'm not sure what else I can do here. Im trying to get back on my feet, but feel so overwhelmed here and dont want to think about a judgment getting brought against me. Most of my OC's have assigned my debts to LVN funding according to my credit report.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance....

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Hi, you may want to do the basics:

1. Pull all 3 of your free credit reports.

2. Dispute with the CRAs all negatives and/or incorrect information

3. If anything comes back verified, figure out SOL and then DV the CAs as needed.

4. Then, after doing all of this, consider doing pay for delete (PFD) letters.

FYI, the SOL for repos is 4 years if your state has adpoted laws similar tothe Federal UCC.

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