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WaMu Platinum: Who has been a lucky one?

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Ok folks, so you've probably read about my WaMu card in other threads that I participate in but I have a more specific question...And didn't want to be guilty of thread jacking. ;)

My WaMu card has a CL of $2,500 and has been opened since December of 2007. Each month I charge approximately 50% of my total CL (anywhere in between $1,200 - $1,500) and PIF prior to my statement closing. When I called WaMu in March about their CLI account reviews, I was told by the CSR that they automatically review accounts and grant CLI's based upon the account's usage and history. We briefly chatted about my usage and PIF'ing every single month and the CSR told me that if I kept it up I'd most likely be granted a CLI in June - at my 6 month mark.

Now here's my situation...By mid-June I'm planning on purchasing the beautiful 24" iMac with the memory upgraded to 4GB. This will cost me approximately $2,800. I really, really don't want to split the purchase up between two cards and would much rather put it on my WaMu. Problem is that my WaMu CL is about $300 short of where I need it to be.

  1. Has anyone out there received a WaMu CLI within 6 months of opening a card that was somewhat substantial and not a tiny amount?

  • Did anyone notice any soft pulls from WaMu prior to their CLI?

Gracias. :)

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I've had a WaMu Platinum card since '06 and have only received one CLI, so I wouldn't hold your breath. They finally gave me one last June which doubled it to $3k, but I haven't received another one since then. What they did do was send me another card invitation right after the CLI which resulted in approval for a $11k, 9.99% fixed APR card, which is by far my biggest limit.

My advice would be to keep up the good work on your credit, not to count on a 6 month CLI, and NOT to ignore any new card invitations that come in the mail from them!

If only they would combine my cards, but unfortunately they've said no multiple times.

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the easy answer is this. buy the imac at bestbuy with 1 gb of ram. then buy non apple certified ram (its the same product/specs minus official apple certification) and either install it yourself or have BB install it if you dont feel comfy with doing it yourself (takes 2 minutes tops). Not only can u buy it all on your Wamu card, but you will save yourself 600 bucks and the tax on that 600 bucks as well.

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