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Found this on Court site....not sure what it means

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I found this on the court site. I have not recieved anythign stating a hearing was set. I am confused.

Sub Docket Date Docket Code Docket Description Misc Info

1 02-13-2008 SMCMP Summons & Complaint

2 02-13-2008 *ORSCS

JDG0011 Set Case Schedule

Judge Catherine Shaffer, Dept 11 07-27-2009ST

3 02-13-2008 CICS

LOCS Case Information Cover Sheet

Original Location - Seattle

4 02-13-2008 NTDMP Nt Re: Dependent Of Military Person

5 04-04-2008 AKSR Acknowledgment Of Service

6 04-04-2008 DCLRM Declaration Of Mailing

7 04-04-2008 MTDJ Motion For Default Judgment

8 04-04-2008 NTHG Notice Of Hearing /dflt Jdgmt 04-14-2008

I have not recieved anything on this. Does this mean there is a judgement placed already?

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what can you do......CALL THE COURT!!!! find out what is going on......plan on going to court on Monday.........but first things first........CALL THE COURT!!!!! tell them you never received anything and then if you have to call an attorney, many will give you a free consultation

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Ok, so here is my response from the court:


Yes, you are supposed to be notified. According to the court record


plaintiffs mailed you notification on the 4th of April. The Hearing is

set for April 14, 2008 in front of Judge Shaffer. This is a hearing

with OUT oral argument. That means that you are not present, but you

submit supporting documentation to the judge, prior to the hearing. If

you have questions regarding timelines you should talk to the judge's


So now what shoudl i do?

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I just got more paperwork. It now says there is a date set for 05/06/08 w/o oral argument. But then it goes on to have a date in July of 2009 for trial. I thought that these types of cases dont usually go to trial?

They don't go to trial usually because they are defaulted (you don't respond), they are settled (you agree to pay something), or they are dismissed (the other side or the court conclude that the case is no good).

Trial is a possibility though.

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