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I thought Orchard was a trifecta card?

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I was looking at my cr's today, and noticed that Orchard only reports to one CB - Experian.

Their website even said it reported to all 3.

Can anyone explain as to why? Should I call and beg them to PUT something on my credit report? :)

They should report to all of the CRs. I've never heard anything to the contrary. I have noticed that EQ and TU have lately been slow to update. TU has been the worst, some of my TLs haven't updated since February.

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Actually, mine have updated just fine every month until this last month like everyone says. They do update but I think you're misunderstanding the term Trifecta here. Reporting to the 3 CRAs has nothing to do with a Trifecta. Trifecta is pretty much being able to apply and be approved for 3 different products guaranteed. :D

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