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cleared off one report, still on other 2?

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How is it, that a TL can be verified on one CRA and then deleted off the other two? or verifeid on 2 and deleted off the other? Especially when it has been previously verified with ALL 3 in a prior dispute?

Is not being able to verify on one CRA grounds for getting it off the others?

If I pursue the TL's that have been deleted off one, but remain on the other 2, they wont come back and reinsert it without giving me 5 days notice, or that is a violation, right?

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The CRA's are separate business entities. They each deal with the Data Furnisher and report the results of their own interaction. So you can get three different results. You can't use the results, or contents, of one CRA as leverage against another, cuz they don't care what their competition shows. They would view it as proof their information product is superior, and nothing else.

And yes, if they reinsert a previously suppressed TL without sending you notice within 5 days it's a violation of the FCRA.

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