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yesterday today

date opened: 9/1993 9/1993

reported since: 5/2003 5/2003

date of status: 3/2005 4/2008

last reported: 3/2005 4/2008

type: revolving revolving

terms: n/a N/A

monthly payment: n/a $0

responsibility: individual individual

credit limit: n/a N/A

high balance: 14,000 14,000

recent balance: n/a N/A

Account schedule to continue account schedule to

until Dec 2011 continue mar 2015

After disputing this tradeline every month for the past 2 yrs and requesting the OC to verify this tradeline they hit me with a key deragoratory on experian. Can some explain what happen and is this a violation.

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Can't really explain what happened. However, they have changed the DOFD, which is a violation of the FCRA.

BTW, don't dispute the same TL more than once every few months at the max... the CRAs will consider your claim frivilious and will ignore you.


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i settled this account for less than full amount. I spoke with several representatives who said you were late and read the lates of a cpu screen. I said send me the info. They never did. Now i get hit with this. They have been trying to talk on the phone and i said only contact me in writing. Is my next step to contact, go to cra, or sue?

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They changed (updated) both the 'status date' and 'date last reported' in response to your dispute. This is typical, ordinary and not a violation. When you send a dispute to the CRA's, one of two things will happen: Either the TL will get 'verified' and updated OR the TL will get suppressed.

There is definitely something fishy with the Reporting Period getting extended. Call the CRA (Experian, right?) and request the DOFD. While you have the CRA's Rep on the phone, ask why the fall off date got changed in response to your dispute. This date is NEVER supposed to change.

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