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Any one ever deal with FCO ?


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Long story short in September of 2005 I left my apartment . Then in march 2006 while on my way to fish a big bass tournament on the road I get a call from FCO stating that I owe them $405 for a issue with my previous apartment but he tells me over the phone that they will settle for $300 so The dumb a$$ I was I just gave them a credit card number over the phone to get it paid off . I never had a oppertunity prior to pay this amount prior to it going to collection. No phone calls and No letters.

SO The last month I have been trying to get this paid collection off my credit alert after doing a little research and finding out that it was from a 2" crack in a sliding closet door that was improperly installed in a non square opening. So I go over to the old apartment to find out a new company has bought them out. I told the new property manager my issues and she drafted up a letter stating that the collection was incorrect in the first place and the previous owners had a lot of complaints like this. She even contacted FCO and had them agree to deleting this collection off my report after she faxed them a letter on letter head. I thought this was done with then.

Well today I call FCO to check on the status of why this has not been deleted off my report and the compliance officer from FCO told me that they did farthur investigation and the old property managment told them not to delete this from my report.

Do any of you credit gurus on here have any inside info I can use to my ability to help fight this matter ?

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