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Good Idea ... Very Funny!


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I read this today on the Bud Hibbs website regarding a CA in from Virginia Beach called CR Associates. It definitely gave me some ideas! ::laugh:: I might have to try it a time or two! Please read:

Date: July 3, 2007

This company called my cell number looking for Carlos and asked for a return call for an important matter. I knew from the tone it was somebody on a fishing expedition for info so I decided to call back and have a little fun. I called and got a machine. Told the machine to stop calling my number and remove it from their system as it was a wrong number. About an hour later I get a call from 757-271-8786 with a real rude nasty individual named Gary on the phone asking if I had any idea who I had called and that I was in big trouble. Well I was so frightened by his call (HA) that I just had to see who the number displayed on my phone belonged to. I got this info and when googled this site came up. Well being the well rounded individual that I am I decided to have lots of fun. I am now "Gary's" best new friend. Did you know that 866 numbers from a public phone don't cost anything? I travel all over the state in my line of work daily. There are public phones everywhere I go and when the mood hits me I give old Gary or one of his associates a call. Mr. Gary has had spurned gay lovers call, women he has run out on call, other collectors call, very mad husbands call about him and the mans wife, landlords etc. It has been a blast and to tell the truth a great stress reducer for me. Remember, they called me first, and then threatened me. Not a very smart bunch of bottom feeders.

Sounds like a great starting point to me!

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