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capt one mess

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Had a summery judgement against me by cap1. It appaers to be for

an old card that was charged off in 99- but I signed one of those balence

transfer agreements to open a new card as I pay off the balence.

The new card was opened in 4-2004. I really dont remember it but they have

everything in print so I believe them when they say it is mine.

The orig. card was not over 300.00 yet they list transfer amount as 1400.00.

They wont deal to accept seattlement. Is there any other way to approach this. Right now looking into payment plan. Also have a court date for 5-1-08. Anyone know what that might be about. thanks for your help.

Wait until I share with you the crappiest wk in my life:cry:

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I'm speculating here because your info is kind of sketchy.

Since you defaulted on the first card in 99 and apparently did nothing with it until 04, it most likely went to collections.

+fee +fee +fee later the balance is right up there.

You transfer balance but who got paid? The OC may have kept it and said nothing, or, the OC forwarded the payment to the CA they sold it to. They may have kept it and said nothing, cause they may have sold it too.

Oh what a tangled web we weave. Even though you paid somebody something in that transfer, it probably did not touch the balance they want. All the late fees and over limit fees- tacked on when the late fees put it over high limit added up.

As for your looming court date, you have not provided enough data. Please answer these:http://www.debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showthread.php?t=242744

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a couple of quick questions. They had a summery judgement but it was overturned due to lack of validation. they then set up another court date 5-1-08.

can I request a break down on how the arrived at that amount.

its capt one and a lot is interest-can they cont to add that on a chargeoff??

if it was a transfer card can I request the records from the old card that

lead to this mess. It was closed in 99


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no sorry

I had the judgement so I let it go. Now I get a new court date and Im running

in circles:confused:

capt 1 still owns the card. when they set up the new card the listed the 99

charge off amount under special purchase. their (capt1) lawyer could not tell me anything about this special purchase and I submitted it to the court that they did not validate the amount

. can I still seek discovery on that 1999 chargeoff card amount.

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