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Ok, I have an old car loan that shows as settled for less on my CR. On Ex it shows twice, one of the listings has an additional (1) at the begining of the account number. I have disputed this listing online and then in writing as being a duplicate. It has come back each time as "updated" but I cannot see a change in the entry and the duplicate is still there. I contacted the OC and they say that the CRA must change it and that if the CRA contacts them they will be glad to confirm that there should be only one entry. It seems to me that the OC must have initiated this inaccurate entry as I would not understand the CRA listing it twice on there own. I would love to be able to figure out a way to use this error to my advantage and get both listings removed from my EX CR. Any advice?

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IMO, if both listings on your CR's are by the OC...I would request an investigation per Section 623 of the FCRA with them. You've already disputed with the CRA's and had the investigations come back updated/verified, so you're on the right path...

Make sure that if you take this approach, you include ample reasoning for them to investigate - include copies of the duplications, your disputes to the CRA's, etc.


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Well, this one hasn't been the highest priority but I finally got around to it. I sent off a 623 letter to them as well as an edited (blacked out irrelevant account info) copy of my CR as well as the dispute letter and results from EX. I implied that I would be willing to forget the whole thing if they removed all listings of this account from my files and specifically said that I was NOT going to forget any of it if they didn't correct the duplicates. This may backfire on me though because the accounts do have a little age on them which may possible shorten my credit history if they are gone. We'll see..

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Ok, I decided to fax in my 623 letter rather than usps. I called the OC a few minutes later to confirm that they received it and they recipient was in a meeting, she asked for my name and number and I gave it to her. I just got a call back from the recipient, the manager of credit and collections. He acted, and I believe him, like he was jsut returning my call. I advised him that I had faxed in an investigation request and he put me on hold while he "went to see if he received it" and then he got back on the telephone and I could hear him skimming over the first few paragrahs of the letter. He then summarized my letter in saying something to the effect of this (sorry for the length but I wanted to get it all in there, and yes I know I probably shouldn't have had teh telephone conversation with him.

Him-Ok it seems like you have a problem with Experian reporting your old loan twice right?


H-Are you able to fax me a copy of it so I can see what is going on and see if it is all the same info?

M- yes I can, I can tell you that it is all the same info other than a couple of things

H-(he could hear the papers flipping) Do you have a copy of it right there?

M-Yes, the only differences I see are the opening date and the account number

H-You should only have one account number, what are the ones listed

M- I gave him the two account numbers and also the opening dates (the opening date for the incorrect one corresponds to my CRA dispute time of 03/08) I told him this.

H-Well the way we verify this stuff is through email and then through a system called EOscar and I don't see how we could have created another account by verifying one.

M-The only thing I know is that I disputed some incorrect info on my listing and ended up with two accounts. I again disputed due to duplications and they came back as verified. TJ at your company said that it was a mess up with Ex and I should call them. They say that they only report the information that the creditor provides. That leads me to believe that someone at your company must've reported it

H-I'm not sure what has happened but let me try to see if I am able to look at the old dispute. (I hear him fumbling with computer then call for assistant to get him on EOscar{I Assume}) I then hear the assistant say that his 3:30 interview is there. He asks me if he can call me back and he is going to see what he needs to do to fix this but that he MUST get to thsi meeting.

M-I tell him that he can call me back this afternoon and added that I think that the easiest way for this to be resolved is just to remove all references of this account from teh credit bureaus and get it done with.

H-Well I know that we could get rid of the valid ones but if we didn't report the other one then I don't know that we could get it deleted.

M-Ok, so just delete the ones that your company definitely put in there and I'll dispute the other AGAIN and if you no longer list any on the CR's then you couldn't verify it and the CRA will have to take it off.

H-I'm sorry torush but I really have to get to that meeting, if I can't get it fixed we will just have to remove all of our entries and do it that way. I'll make sure to call you back after my meeting.

M- ok, thanks

Well, I am hoping that he calls back and says that they are deleting all references from my CR's and my wife's CR's which would make me the happiest. If he comes back with, "hey! we got it straightened out for ya!" I'm going to ask him to send me the results of his investigation just as requested in my 623. Hopefully I can use info in that as leverage for a complete delete. By the way, I do not owe this company any money, I am trying to get the "paid in full or for lesser after charge-off" off of my reports.

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Not sure if anyone is interested but thought I'd update for some input.

He caleld back this morning and said that he hasn't figured out what happened but that he researched the "EOscar archives" and that his company did not put the additional account in there. He said that if I dispute the account he has had a note inserted in the file that will make sure that the person that responds will respond with CANNOT VERIFY. He stated to make sure that I dispute the one that has the additional digit on the account number. I advised him that I would still like a written response to my investigation request and he said "I'm not sure what you are looking for in your investigation" and I told him that I wanted written proof that this account was not mine as it has been hurting my credit. He asked if he could email me the response I I told him he could. I'm not sure if that was a good idea or not but figured that it did leave a paper trail that should hold up. I think I am going to try to dispute both and see if the verifyer just CANNOT VERFYs both listings anyway...worth a shot I think. I haven't received his email yet so we'll see...

*update* Well I got the email, pretty short and sweet, here it is...

I have reviewed the situation, including the archived dispute from March. We did not create the second account being reported, that includes an extra "1" in the account number. After speaking with Experian, it seems that your best solution is to dispute the account that includes the extra digit and we will validate that is does not exist. If you have any problems, please feel free to give me a call.

Not sure how much good that is but at least they put the blame on EX

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