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hi i'm a noob /cry


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hi, i was wondering if i could just go ahead and throw my situation on here and see if maybe i could get some advice

aparently i am really good at destroying my credit before i even realize how it works. on my credit report i have four collections for medical bills which i recevied at a time that i thought i was covered by medicaid, and of course i had family and friends filling my head with nonsense such as "oh its just medical bills it doesn't really hurt you, you can't be denied credit because of THAT" :roll: soooooo, in an attempt to "fix" my credit i decided i needed another credit card.....so i aplied.... got denied... so i tryied again somewhere else... and somewhere else... the internet is just toooo easy. i'm sure you see where this is going... i didn't know that eleven inquires would be put on my credit report... and stay on my report... so heres the real question... now that i got a clue, how to i fix this mess :oops:

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