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Sued by Zwicker & Associates

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Dear all,

On March 1st 2008 I was served by certify mail in my home in NJ for a debt I have with American Express in MI. I used to live in MI until Jan-18 when I moved here in NJ. The served arrived one day after the due date of the summon expired and was address to my former address. I contact a Lawyer here in NJ and start the process of settle the debt (it is important to mention that back in MI I sent these guys a DV and never received answer), we have been going back and forth with the amount of money, however 3 days ago I received a default notice (sent it to my former address and forwarded to the new one). My lawyer contacted the Law firm and arguing about "proper service of process" the Law firm claims have permission from the court for "alternate service" which in my Lawyer's opinion does not sounds correct, but as he is no admitted in MI he can not comment on that.

I would like to hear your thoughts as I have never been in this position before and my Lawyer does not know MI law. Should I keep trying to settle the debt? or should I do nothing and wait a few month and come back again? or simply wait to see if they decided to settle or chase me here?

Thank you all for your comments!

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