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My confusing situation

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You will want to file an answer to the summon and complaint. If you don't have all of the paper work that was submitted, you can contact the courthouse to get copies.

Concerning the settlment offer, they want the money and they are using the court case as leverage. Any court case is iffy and they may not have the evidence to win. But many people will settle because they are afraid of going to court.

As far as the service issues, don't get emotional about this. Just get the service documents, research the laws of your state and prepare your defense.

Of course, if you are not comfortable with any of this, seek legal help.

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You can file for improper service with the court. This will temporarily stop procedings. The court clerk can provide the paperwork. Once it is filed they undoubtedly will have you served. You will have to file an answer within the time allowed under California law.

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