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Can an account report 90 days late?


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Can an account report 4 times 90 days late without showing the 30 and the 60 days late? Is that a violation of the FCRA?



90+-4 times

I believe this is a violation of the FCRA. Correct me if I am wrong please. Shouldn't it be accurate by reporting the 30 days and 60 days.

Can I demand deletion?


On another note I have an account that reports as another lender where you can see dates opened are the same and the balances are the same. They are the same account just different creditor names with different account numbers can I dispute same account just reporting wrong.

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The Data Furnisher may have a policy of not reporting lates until they are at least 90 days past due and thus shows your account that way. Disputing this may get the additional derogatory remarks added in. That would look worse, not better. While technically your CR should be 100% accurate, be careful not to insist on the addition of info that will be detrimental.

"...Can I demand deletion..."

You can demand anything you want. That doesn't necessarily mean you'll get it. When you dispute the CRA's contact the DF electronically, via E-Oscar. If the DF responds in time, the TL gets updated. The update may, or may not, cause a drop in your score depending on when it was last updated and other factors in your CR.

If the DF doesn't respond in time, the entire TL will get suppressed. You may, or may not, experience a drop in scores if you lose history. It's always a crap shoot.

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