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I like this, watch and see


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No, it's not intended to be funny. It's a highly polished version of some of the same stuff that's been said since at least the 70's, fundamentally correct, but biased without appearing so to the extent of implying current leaders are responsible or the creators of the current system. It also makes the usual mistake of distinguishing a difference between the people and corporations, when all people either work for the government or some corporation, and that job and livelihood is available to the extent that your corporation does well.

Overall I think it was very good and smart, and there's definitely a lot to think about, but it is rife with oversimplifications and the technology section was laughable. It also often draws specific conclusions for every point, when each is subject to debate. It's a nice tidy package.

The summary is the appearance of suggesting alternatives by saying how it could or should be, but is not realistic about the consequences on the economy. It is also true that things can't continue the way they are now indefinitely. We have the wolf by the ears... can't hold him forever and can't let go.

She is in a very unique position for her perspective, as she works in the industry of ideas, ie no pollution or toxic byproducts in fabrication, and would not be affected by any changes she would deem as positive. She has a certain luxury to examine and mine reality for a series of negatives to exploit. Her exploitation for gain is ironically of the same stuff that drives industry as it is. There is no lack of irony in this or any other political dissertation.

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