ChaseIDProtection and TrueCredit not showing Transunion!!!

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Went on ChaseIDProtection and got an updated report, BUT Transunion did not show up!! Then went to TC and I got the below message...does this mean I'm banned?? Oh the good news is TC is open on Sundays. I believe Chase is not....argh!!!!! :confused::confused:

Anyone ever get this from TC?

Credit Bureau(s) Cannot Validate Info

We are unable to obtain your credit report information.

What happened:

Invalid or unknown record.


One example of the cause of this error is when the address entered is not recognized by the credit bureau because it has "unusual" formatting—perhaps the city doesn't match with the state, or the street address doesn't match with the city.

What to do:

Change the information you entered. You will then be able to re-attempt your request.

Contact the Customer Service Team for assistance.

Cancel your order.

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