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Is anyone else having trouble getting approved by Juniper or is it only me?!!!

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I tried going for the B&N Card with my 673 TU FICO. Got the need more time to review and will here back in 10 days... I really really hope I don't get denied. I am only showing balance on the BOA and that's 28% Util but low util overall...that and 3 baddies, hopefully I'll be ok. I would be happy with a $750 or $500 as I do like Barnes and Noble.

As usual, I'll let you know how it works out...sucks that I can't get instant approval, but what can I do?

Have you attempted to call them? :)

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Congratulations! On 08/04/2008 you were approved for the

Barnes & Noble MasterCard with a Credit Line of $800.00

You'll receive your card, pin, and cardmember agreement within the next 10 days. Set up online access now. Select GO to create a username and password.

Click here to return to your list of recent applications.

I am in utter shock right now. I really am. I tried pushing my luck and got denied on iTunes but I think I might call for a recon. At this point it really can't hurt.

I am wondering if it mattered that I was a B&N member?! I could not get this card 3-4 months ago.....

Is Barclays/Juniper "Prime"??

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Guys I really need your collective wisdom now.

In my stupidity, Instead of having one card for $800, I now have 2 cards that had to be broken up into 2. I chose the B&N one for $500 and Itunes for $300. This was after I told the guy "I really wanted to buy an Ipod because I wanted to get a nice deal on one and those MP3s....." (No offense to Ipod owners...but I really hate Apple...only reason I got the Itunes card was I thought it'd be an easy card to get). But alot of my accounts are "new"...none of my good accounts are over 24 months.

Now I have to hope that MAYBE, I will get one or both of them bumped up.

Did I mess up? I figured it was better than a denial and I wanted to spend more on the BN product. The Itunes I'm going to have to do something with now........oh man I am definitely not going to app anymore...I was supposed to see higher TLs not lower ones. It's just soooo hard.


Oh God...I just signed into my account. True to that guy's word I now have two Juniper accounts. Guess I won't be going for Seamiles or Airtran ANY TIME soon. Man I'm bummed...but at least I didn't waste a TU INQ in case I'm wrong on bumping....

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