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URGENT: Smart Strategy needed on Seizure Notice on 12 year old parking Tickets

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Smart Strategy needed on Seizure Notice on 12 year old parking Tickets for a car I sold 12 years ago


> I enjoy your board, you help a lot of

> people. I hope you can help me.


> I got two tickets in one week, fought one and won!!!($60 residential had

> photos) , paid one. $50 expired meeter, (didn't think I could win) These are all on my

> CURRENT car which i have had ticket free since I bought it 6 years ago.


> Not 15 min into savoring my victory. I checked my mail and received an

> orange vehicle siezure notice for 7 tickets for a total of $440. From a

> different car I sold in 96-97. 12 years ago.


> (pehaps the two tickets from my present car triggerd this?)


> This is from a mazda rx-7 I sold to a mechanic for $100.

> The plates were rusted on and he told me he would destroy them. Obvoiusly

> he did not.

I think I recieved a notice on this 7 years ago from the city and sent a certified dispute, and then 5 years ago from a collection agency, sent them a certified dispute too, never recived a reply, - but cant find the records , and I assumed it just went away


how can they come back on me on this problem before now. 12 years

> later! for a car I sold and did not own? That I disputed twice before?


But I have a bigger problem.


> After 12 years I have absolutly no records to fight this with

> or even remember who I sold it too. foolishly, the plates were in my name,

> although I sold the car.


> I am literally afraid to drive my CURRENT car, for fear of the new techno

>scanning terminatorbootingvans.


> 1) Does this mean I cant drive my current car or I will be booted?

> 2) does this also mean they are cross referencing by DL # for all vehicles

> ever owned?

> 3) how do I fight this in a smart way? Can I win?

> 4) can I drive my car while I fight it without fear of being booted.



> Thank you for your valuable time and wisdom,


> iZ in chicago



here is what I was told when I called the parking number and asked questions of Mrs Jackson operator #109. First I was told they could not give me advice on how to fight a ticket.

Then I was told:

1) That I had 21 days from the date of the notice before a boot notice was issued.

I don't trust this. What if she's wrong? Then I have a Boot to fight as well.

2) As I had no records from 12 years ago, my only hope was to go in front of a judge and tell them the situation and hope for understanding during an in person hearing.

That does not sound like much of a strategy to me!

What are your thoughts? I appreciate your prompt reply as I was ready to go in today, cause I hate this hanging over me and I am scared to drive my car, I will wait for your expert reply, and welcome better info and a better strategy.


IZ in Chicago

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I dont see how they could boot your CURRENT vehicle as there is no relation to the violating vehicle...but dealing with the city, that just wants money, no matter what, i wouldnt put it past them.

I would first, verify they can or cannot boot your current vehicle, then setup a court date to explain it all to a judge, and go from there. Stop dealing with the "customer service" people at the parking ticket place, as they will just want you to pay. Maybe try to find a lawyer that will give you a free consultation?

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