Wow!!! I'm giving Midland Kudos here

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Ok so...... this whole thing about NOT talking to a CA because they use everything you say in their attempt to collect works both ways. I received a new Target card 3 days ago. Suddenly Midland has my personal cell number?????

Spoke to a Luanda yesterday very pleasant and surprisingly polite. Gave me the Customer Relations number and extension ( I havent called). Today James calls me to see what Im going to do with this collection and I responded with "absolutley nothing". He's like okay.....

Went thru the schpeel that it absolutley is not mine and we began to chit chat. He was extremley polite and did honestly sound rather compassionate! He told me things. I mean he told me real things he saw there lol! Get this. Apparently the reason the big 3 keep or at least kept saying this account was confirmed as owed is cuz Midland Consumer relations department has what is called a "Debt Verification letter" The big 3 tell Midland the consumer disputes, and then Midland shoots out this letter and the big 3 take it as Gods word!

James did go there once when he said that Conssumer relations is saying its mine cuz the debt validation period had expired and thats why consumer relations wont send me anything. I told him that had I have ever received a letter from them I would have DV's then but that I was the one who initiated this whole dialog a year ago as I found their derog on my credit report. I told him that any consumer who fails to do a timely DV does NOT bar him from DV'ing later and does NOT mean the debt is valid! He whole heartedly agreed and opoligized for the remark.

This has so many different amounts and dates from month to month that even Midland believes it to be unlikley mine so they say. If this were the case it would be removed I know! I dont want it just removed, Im looking for it to be destroyed! Household told me they have nothing on this acct period. I know Midland cant get anything from Household because Household cvouldnt give me anything.

Just thought you would all find this interesting and I wonder if the "Debt Verification Letter" is a standard tool CA's use accross the board? Any collectors here? Anyway 2 CA's from Midland in 2 days and both were extremley polite, very informative and actually pleasent to talk to. We'll see how this ride plays out though.

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Even if Midland had such a letter as proof of debt for the CRA's, the CRA's still cannot verify on your credit report without the CA's verifying with you first in your DV request! :evil: If they do verify...and in one of my cases they did, I sent a "MOV" letter to the CRA's demanding how this information was verified...the who, when, how and why's! One sent me the name of the collection agency with an "out of date" phone number. I questioned them on how they could verify with a phone number which no longer is valid?:twisted: I demanded specifics and when they knew they could not provide it, it was removed! 8-)

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