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How Screwed am I ? I feel trapped in a rigged game....

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How Screwed am I ? I feel trapped in a rigged game....

I dont really know how that could have gone any worse....

I went to the judge and pleaded my case on a siezure notice on a car I sold 14 years ago but with no car title records from 14 years ago, I had to pay. So I go to pay the car tickets for a car I sold 14 years ago.

So I go to make a payment plan for the $390 total , thinking I could put 100 down,

and they pull up all these tickets that were discharged from and chapter 7 BK

I did 15 years ago!

it seems the two current tickets triggered the $390 dollars worth of tickets,

which triggered the discharged bankruptcy tickets. the pulled a bait and switch on me

I came to fight the $390, went to pay the $390 and they told me I had to pay $1561.00.

I felt like I was hit over the head with a 2X4. I was stunned. First of all I was told by my BK lawyer 15 years ago that a BK chapter 7 discharges everything, 2nd of all I had $1561 in old tickets from 15 years ago BK that I had no idea they could make me pay as I thought they were discharged, 3rd of all when I went to pay the $390 of tickets on the seizure notice, they pulled a bait and switch and told me it was not only the post bankruptcy tickets but that I had to pay all the tickets discharged in the bankruptcy too!

$1561 friggin suprise dollars, or they would boot my current car, and suspend my license.

They also told me that 80% of the people and lawyers think that tickets are discharged in a BK but they are not! they are just postposed until a discharge and they have new software to go over the old BK and make more revenue for the city...they can never be killed.

This is so messed up. I feel like calling john stossel or something. The 15 year old BK zombie tickets come back to destroy your life once again ! Tickets that My BK lawyer told me were discharged in My BK 15 years. Ago.. It turns out they cant be discharged ever!...A $1561. Dollar friggin surprise! They send me a bill for $390

I went to pay and they hit me with the $1561. Bait and Switch AS I GO TO PAY. Plus if I don't pay they will boot my CURRENT car and suspend my license.

Or I can fight each ticket if I have the records from 13 friggin years ago as they don't supply them!!!! I HATE Chicago! Sorry for my french but this is WHY I HAVE a PUNCHING BAG IN MY OFFICE as an essential piece of driving equipment in chicago !!! lol

anyway if you can see any way for me to fight this and win, HELP.

1) what exactly is the law in chicago regarding BK and parking tickets?

2) when was that law passed/changed? was it before mine in 93? or after.

3) any other way at all to fight this?

sorry for all the vitriole but I was stunned. I still am.

I really appreciate your wisdom and strategy here. I feel trapped in a rigged game.


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so that means there is nothing i can do to fight them? I am trapped? they can just present zombie debts from 13 years ago and hand me a list of tickets $1561 dollars,that I believed was discharged in my Chapter 7 and I have to pay them or they will boot my car and suspend my license?

Do I understand this correctly? Is that correct? Is there no way to fight?

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Well, you probably can't dispute the tickets per se as it has been too long. Plus, by trying to add them to your BK, you pretty much agreed that they were yours. Now, you'll have to investigate whether tickets can be included in a BK. If they can't, then you were given bad advice from your BK attorney.

I'd suggest pulling all of your BK papers to make sure which debts were officially listed. If your attorney told you to include the tickets, then perhaps you have a case for malpractice against the attorney. But that's a long shot.

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I spent 30 seconds on Google and found this:

Generally, government debts such as parking tickets and student loans are not eliminated in a Chapter 7. Court ordered debts such as child support and alimony are typically not eliminated either. http://www.selectlegal.com/bankruptcy-faq.htm

According to Illinois Legal Aid:

Parking tickets: Even though parking tickets must be listed on the bankruptcy, 11 USC 523(a)(7) does not permit their discharge. http://www.illinoislegalaid.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=home.dsp_content&contentID=279

It stinks. But, it appears that you are truly liable for all those tickets. Federal law says they cannot be discharged.

My only advice would be to try to work out some some of payment plan. I would imagine they have seen this problem before and have a policy. You might ask to speak to a supervisor. Also, judging from your post, I would very much encourage you to be nice and be polite and grovel some if it helps.

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Solutions R us.... move to Indiana or Wisconsin and commute. Or at least move residence, and register in the other state and still live in IL but with a IN drivers license and plates.

Or ... pay the tickets.

But stuff like that, any kind of TAX or government debt cannot be BK'd.

That goes for medical debts incurred at a public hospital as well. So if you are about to incur huge uninsured medical costs, either go to a private hospital in an acute state forcing them to treat you OR claim your name is Jesus DeJesus and you no speaka da anglaise, then get deported after treatment. ;-)

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BK is federal law. No discharge for tickets as per federal law, BUT YOU MUST REPORT ALL DEBTS IN YOUR BK FILING. So, the tickets are listed but not discharged.

The law hasn't changed. Either your lawyer goofed by telling you they were dischargeable or your memory from 15 years ago isn't accurate.

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