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Hello all!

I will be hanging around the board a little more (or a lot more :))...

I feel like my tail is between my legs...after spending so much time getting our credit clean, we are back to square one, actually negative!

Long story short, credit cards were getting approved left and right. Especially those AmEx's. Even though we were all warned about AmEx's tactics...

approved! :)

CLI button! xdazzlex (numerous times)

FR! :evil:

credit limit decrease!:oops:

I have not worked full time in years, DH works in the construction industry (sales) making commissions. With the economy the way it has been, DH wasnt making commissions, and while I was looking for work, we were competely 100% living on credit cards. (30G)

I finally got a really great job, but by that time, it was too late. We were still making 20G less than we had over the years.

Within the next few weeks we will be filing. I had hoped to have it done sooner (before the CC went to collections), but it didnt work out that way.

I feel sick to my stomach about it all. Be sure I will be spending alot of time on the AmEx threads begging people not to do the CLI (even tho I didnt listen) and I feel like the poster child on what not to do when the going gets tough.

Other than that, my family is healthy and happy. My children thankfully dont have a clue. Someday we will tell them and lead them in the right direction.

I look forward to reading how everyone has been doing! :)++

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BK is not the end of the world. I remember filing and the relief after the fact was phenomenal. Most of the calls stopped and the ones that didn't got the "I filed BK case #, lawyers name, lawyer's phone #...good bye!" :mrgreen: The lifting of the stress was measurable.

For years I lived off cash and I can testify that it wasn't that hard.

Here I am years later....my FICO doesn't make sense to me..... but it doesn't really matter. I have a brand new house (moved in last week! :mrgreen: ), my bills are current and I only have a couple of stubborn CA's still hanging on and 3 correctly reported (but aging) slow pay/current/closed by consumer accts.

I know if I just take care of business for a couple more years, I should be in the high 700s. I am in the low 600s now because of the above +high util. At least the limits on most of my cards are low so it won't take anything to pay them off! ;)

Take care of you and your family. Sometimes bad things happen to good people.

Welcome back!:)++

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Thanks guys!

I re-read my post, and it seems that I'm putting alot of blame on AmEx, economy blah blah blah. We know WE f'd up. big time.

We are kicking ourselves everyday for this situation. During our entire marriage (17 yrs) we never had good credit, no cards, have rented the same house for 11 years. Then we get smart, find this site and it didnt take very long to get to a "normal" place.

A year ago we had 680-718 scores. Now we are here. Still renting same house. Way worse credit than we could ever imagine, and OH MY GOD collection calls? hellloooooo...is 30 a day necessary? It is obnoxious. And they are mostly automated. Now they have resorted to calling my inlaws (since I used them as reference :roll:)

For months we didnt change our spending habits, even tho we were living on cards, thinking things would change. Stupidity on our part all the way!

When we get out of this mess, someday....we will have just what we need to establish our history. I am taking my signature to heart more now than ever.

Live, love, laugh, LEARN

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Hi :)++

Hows all those lil ones doin? Planning any more? :p

Summer routine? :confused: That is out the window this year! Have not worked during the summer in 10 years. Trying to get it all figured out..Its hard cause the 15 year old stays home with the 10 & 5 year olds. But he is so busy Im trying to find a teen to come watch the lil ones when he cant. Alot of days I got to work at 5 or 6am, so I can leave at 2 or so. Which is usaully just around the time they are ready to wanna go swimming or to the lake.

And I'm sure pretty soon we will start hearing Chase talk about childcare issues:lol:

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