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To sue or not to sue?

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I [from KY] have a CA [from CA] with 3 listings on my CRs.

1) The first was paid 4 years ago (before reading PFD advice here) but still lists as derogatory.

2) The second is for a CC. (OC not on CRA) They never notified me initially - I 'discovered' their listing on CRAs. DV requests yielded "list" of charges in table form with my name at top. No letterhead, nothing but a list. I've since contact the OC and have document from their fraud dept. that they have no record of me. I've been through BBB, AG (both states), and sent them copy of OC letter. They have not relented and CRA listing stands. They have not contacted me since.

3) The third is for another CC (which OC is listed with variable info on CRAs). They sent initial letter that said right stuff but disquised as settlement offer. Their response to DV was letter asking for more information and listed on the CRAs at the same time. I responded stating that they were claiming I owed them money and they should have info. They waited over a month and sent another settlement letter. Have not yet responded to DV.

I have disputed all of the above with the CRAs (the OC and all three CA claims). All have been verified. Is it time to sue? Is it time to get an attorney?

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Who would you sue and for what. The CRAs don't sound like they're the problem.

1. If it was a collection account, then they can show it as derogatory. Is it showing as Paid? Do you have proof that it was paid?

2. If the OC doesn't have record of your account, then you need to ask them to delete. They should also be willing to provide a letter saying they agree to delete.

3. Was the DV timely? Can you PFD?

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I would need to sue the CA since they're the one's being difficult.

1) I know there isn't much I can do here, but I can dream *grin*

2) Yeah, I sent everyone the letter from the OC. The CA REFUSES to comply. They continue to verify when I challenged with the CRA. They do not reply to my letters now.

3) The DV was very timely. I have the green cards. They have never validated. Since the OC is still on the CRA and they won't talk to me but send me to yet another non-understandable person in yet another department/agency. I was on the phone with the OC for 2.5 hours yesterday just trying to make sure this CA is the right one to pay. Without validation, I have a hard time wanting to pay anyone - but need to very soon. I could try PFD, but since the OC is still verifying an amount on their CRA listing would paying the CA under any terms help?

The CA has multiple violations. I would like to settle out of court, but I don't know what else I can do. I'm also wondering if, since I paid the first one, they feel that I'll just automatically pay eventually and therefore they don't have to answer me.


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