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MOV results so far

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I sent all 3 CRAs the same strong worded letter requesting MOV and the results have been different so far:


Replied with a generic letter telling me the general procedure for dispute investigations and that if I want the address and phone number of the DF to look into my old CR.

However, they initiated another dispute investigation, even of those items they had refused to investigate before because they had been "previously investigated"....

As a result of their self-initiated dispute, several items were "deleted" and one more was "reviewed" and it disappeared from the updated file.


Replied with a generic letter and a list of all my current and former DFs with their address and phone numbers... even those I have never disputed before.


No response so far.

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I decided to pursue this and not just let the CRAs get away with ignoring the law.

I think EX's generic response and "go look into your old CR for addresses and phone numbers" counts as a FCRA violation for each name and address they failed to provide.

CSC failing to reply at all is another bunch of violations.

TU... One of the DFs they listed is a courthouse. Obviously, this is a lie, since courthouses are not DFs, and TU purchased the info from some third party DF such as Lexis-Nexis or some other data broker like that. So I think I can get them for a violation of FCRA.

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TU sent me the results of their investigation (the one I never requested). Some tradelines were deleted, some remained unchanged and some "supposedly" have new info.

Funny thing is they forgot to include all those tradelines with new info... the updated report only lists the items that remained unchanged.

I know some case law allows them not to send the full new CR, but this is ridiculous.

That's what happens when some lame judge starts allowing run-arounds. It creates loopholes... what's wrong with providing a full updated CR?

CSC still hasn't replied.

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I know some people on here are going to tell you that pursuing a MOV is completely pointless and/or that the CRA's are not violating - but I actually agree with you here and am interested to see where you go with this. :)

I agree as well as the CRA's need to be held liable for the FCRA laws !!!! I have read as well that the MOV does not really work and it has never worked for me but I just got two reinserts from CSC removed by getting a little more stern in my letter and letting CSC know what I was going to do for reinserting these deleted TL's. Of course I had the documentation from where they deleted them before. I also sent my letter to a certain person that worked at CSC and within exactly a week they were gone.....I wish you the best of luck cjtx :p

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I've had it with EX. This is just the last drop...

TU is also playing games....

and CSC thinks they are above the law so they won't even reply at all....

I think they are expecting a lawsuit already... and a lawsuit is what they are going to get. It will be a chance for me to see if I can also get them for PP violations using Pintos and a bunch of other stuff I've been letting them get away with.

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I just got a reply from CSC. They turned my MOV request into an investigation...

Got rid of 5 derogs... the kinds that wouldn't go away no matter what I tried.

I still got 4 more derogs to go, which I am already in the process of disputing. One of them is a judgment I got vacated, so it should come off soon, another one is about to become obsolete, and one more admitted on paper they don't have squat, so I'm going to force the CRAs to delete it using state law.

So if everything goes as planned there is only one I need to fight.

Edit: Just pulled my FICO score and the obsolete account is gone. So only 3 more left.

700 club... I'm almost there!!!

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Way to go. I have heard the same thing with MOV and have also gotten the generic MOV letter from TU which I think is really funny especially in the way they word it especially that part where it says:

Re: Verification Documents Not Available

"We store information into our records as it is supplied to us by creditors. When information is disputed, we are required to investigate and record the current status of the information. We do not provide dispute verification responses received from creditors. If you need to obtain documentation or written verification concerning your accounts, then please contact your creditors directly".

We'll let me get this straight. You say you are required to investigate and record the current status. And you store the information into your records as supplied by creditors.

Then how can you have no documentation. You can pull up a scanned copy of my dispute request when I tell you to look it up but you can't send me how you verified the disputed item.

I say we get together and start the class action already!

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